Disclosure / Hire Agreement For Matt's Generators
For your information, safety and convenience please read the following.

  1. Start generator and run for at least 10 minutes before using & after use leave generator running for 10 minutes with no load on before shutting down.
  2. Only stop generators by emergency stop in an emergency only as this can blow voltage regulators and damage engine components.
  3. Do not use the voltage selector switch to turn the power on or off, if you must, use the mcb trips. (if unsure ask)
  4. The generator is your responsibility damages, lost or stolen it is your responsibility to pay for the cost of replacement or repair, we recommend you take out ‘plant insurance’
  5. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury to anyone or any item using the
  6. equipment, however caused.
  7. Towing our generators is your responsibility, please check you are happy legal and insured to tow before doing so.
  8. Do not overload the generator as this can result in damage to the unit.  If unsure ask. We will happily help you. The generator is fitted with a circuit breaker if it trips it is because the load being drawn is too much. The load should be reduced before being switching back on. (If unsure just call us) if it keeps tripping after reducing the load you may have connected a faulty piece of equipment.
  9. We cannot accept responsibility for loss of earnings / or be held liable for any breakdowns of the generator. If a breakdown is due to user neglect we reserve the right to charge for the repair.
  10. No fires No smoking or barbecues to be used near the generators.
  11. Generators are intended for outdoor well ventilated area use only!
  12. Generators and other equipment must be returned in original condition (safe and working)
  13. In the event of rain it is strongly recommended that the generator is switched off.
  14. When being used for long period’s generator should be shut down before being re-filled, at this time the oil level should also be checked. Our generators are diesel only.
  15. Please note our equipment is tracked and marked. (serial numbers/ frame numbers/ models ect we have records off all this,
  16. Generators are heavy; you move them at your own risk. Do not move generators while the engine is running.
  17. Locks are fitted / provided for your safety and our securities please use them!
  18. If using any of our leads / socket adapters/ distribution boxes they must be returned with the generator in original condition failure to do this will incur additional charges.
  19. Please use clean diesel in our generators, (white or red is fine, but do not use dirty containers to store it in)
  20. If you have also hired or have included in your hire any leads of ours then they must be returned in the same condition as you received them,
  21. We reserve the right to charge for damage to leads, distribution boxes or any other piece of equipment that belongs to us,
  22. Fire extinguishers are available on request.
  23. Any problems / questions or just a query, call Matt direct anytime on: 07922012385