Diesel and Electric Heaters for events Marquee Heaters

Marquee Heating

Diesel Heaters

The EC Series Indirect Oil Fired Heaters are an excellent way to provide heat for marquee events
The heaters will stand away from the marquee, and the warm air is then directed via a length of flexible ducting which is then terminated at a diffuser box ensuring an even air flow within the marquee.
- A thermostat connected to the heater is placed inside the marquee allowing the temperature within the marquee to be controlled.

Prices include one Tank of diesel, Extra fuel is available at £1 per litre. Prices may vary depending on distance to deliver.

Order 2 Diesel heaters and get £20.00 Discount. 

EC32 - 32Kw per hour Heat Output

45 litres of Diesel included. - 14 hours continuous use 

From £150.00 Per Hire.

(3 available to hire)

EC40 - 40Kw Per hour Heat Output
65 litres of diesel included - 16 hours continuous use.

From £175.00 Per Hire

(1 available to hire)

EC55 - 55kw Per Hour Heat Output

85 litres of diesel included - 16 Hours continuous use.

From £200.00 Per Hire

(1 available to hire)

Electric Fan Heating

22kw 32a 400v Fan heater. 

3 heat settings, 

8 amps per phase, 16 amps per phase, & 32 amps per phase

From £50.00 per hire


small and silent suitable for small marquees or temporary heating to take the chill off in the summer evenings.

More suited if you just need to take a chill off the enclosed space 

Airflow 150 cubic meters per hour.(Suitable for small marquees)

Safety thermostat.

2.2kw 6824 BTU/HR Each, (6 x individual heaters provided)

Please note this must not be put on the same plug socket at source as any other high power draw appliance.

If powering from a Generator please tell us.