Diesel and Electric Heaters for events Marquee Heaters

Marquee Heating

Diesel Heater

With a large fuel tank, the EC32 is commonly used by the marquee / event / temporary structure industry as a means of heating.

 The supplied Thermostat has a temperature range of -5/+50°C. Enabling the user to control the internal temperature to the required level.

Airflow 1,150 cubic meters per hour.(Suitable for small to the largest of marquees)

29 kw / 95000 Btu/hr. This heater uses fuel to produce heat, It uses very little power, Great for running from generators or were power is limited.

The unit sits outside and pumps heated air in. 

1st tank of fuel is supplied.

Please note unlike others we included the cost of fuel in our prices.

Extra Fuel available for £15 per 20Liters, If you wish to supply your own fuel standard diesel can be used.

1 Heater Available for

2 Heaters Available for

Electric Fan Heaters


Clean, immediate and convenient small heaters,

small and silent suitable for small marquees or temporary heating to take the chill off in the summer evenings.

More suited if you just need to take a chill off the enclosed space 

Airflow 150 cubic meters per hour.(Suitable for small marquees)

Safety thermostat.

2.2kw 6824 BTU/HR Each, (6 x individual heaters provided)

Please note this must not be put on the same plug socket at source as any other high power draw appliance.

If powering from a Generator please tell us.