Portable Appliance Testing electrical safety check


We are pleased to offer Portable Appliance Testing on site or at our location, for all event equipment. Please note we do not record insulation values or earth leak values but we do record if the item has passed the test or not. we will issue a log as well as a certification of P.A.T. We are able to replace plugs / sockets and do minor repairs to leads as necessary. (additional charges may apply at the value of the equipment needed to repair your items, E.G new plug may cost us £3 so we would charge for this.)

The log is written out at time of test unless we have to test on site and was not expecting to do testing, then we reserve the right to e-mail the test log to you within 48 hours of testing your equipment.

Cost for P.A.T is £1 per item with a minimum charge of £25. If we have to travel to your location to test equipment we charge 45 pence per mile from cm9 (Maldon, Essex)