About US how i got interested in this

We are based in Heybridge, Essex and we pride ourselves in being a family run business supplying good quality Generators to suit the needs of your events throughout the Essex area.

So how did this start?

I used to spend most my time repairing lawnmowers and small engines with my granddad (he had his own gardening business with a lot of equipment and if it was broken I was taught to fix it), Well when he believed I could ascertain faults on my own he used to let me play in the shed with his equipment most weekends,(from basic servicing to stripping down engines and re-building).

I got my first generator at the age of 12, A Honda petrol unit, with a mecc alternator, We picked it up from a country show and it was sold as seen - a non runner. This unit was what started my interest in generators and motors. 

Well as time goes by we all grow up and move on in life, until....

April 2015, When I decided to set up my own small business hiring bouncy castles, (Matt’s bouncy castles was formed) from this it didn’t take long to then realise that most community events require diesel generators, this was not a problem for us as by luck I owned one at the time.

By the end of 2015 we started hiring generators out on their own and this carried on with the bouncy castles until June 2017 when we realised we needed to focus on one or the other.

Generators took us more into the event field while inflatables took us into kids parties. We needed to focus on one or the other. We opted to go into the events field, as we had a good reputation with other inflatable hire companies we kept our bookings we had taken then stopped the inflatables.

From weddings to shows and festivals, then by accident into the emergency power supply, we have had calls in the night when power has been lost to venues, our units are ready to go anytime, and if we can help we will.

We understand reliability is paramount, we know how important the job they do is but when on hire we want them to be the least of your worries, doing their job in the background and the focus being the event.

As we progress we aim to further improve our range and look at what else we can do to make our service better, if you have any suggestions we are all ears.

My phone is always on just call, we believe in a professional service with an upfront, honest and personal approach, we understand requirements change, events are different, the more we understand about your event the better we can assist you, we are happy to share our knowledge.

Best regards Matt.