Off Grid Power

Need Power for a longer Duration? off Grid home or workplace, or something different?

We are able to Hybridise out sets, although we mainly cater for the Event industry, we are not impartial to running homes or business that are off grid, 

below are photos of our 25kva generators, in the wooden boxes next to them is our bi-directional inverters, the blue generator has a 10kva inverter, while the white generator in the smaller but taller box is 2 x 3kva inverters.

Both these setups took about 2 hours to install, and provided fault free power for mouths, 

We work with the client, To establish there needs. The generators would only run for a few hours per day max & sometimes not at all. Saving them from the noise, and reducing the fuel bill.  but keep a reliable continuous power to there homes. 

We also provide the client a live web feed to see there power draw & how the system is performing.  

Blue Generator Above running a 4 Bed home from October 2022 to march 2023

White Generator Below running a 3 bed home from November 2022 to April 2023

Battery System

5kw Battery & 3kw inverter = £20 per week

10kw Battery & 5kw inverter = £30 per week

15kw Battery & 10kw inverter = £40 per week

Solar Panels

Solar panels are charged by the power they produce. we install a minimum of 4 and charge 35p per kw of Energy they produce,  

(we only ground mount these) 

Generators Used With our off grid Systems,

10kva = £180 per week,

25kva = £200 per week

Home WIFI / Internet

we offer internet on a minimum 3 month contract (unlimited Data) using a Data Sim and a high Quality Router, for £18.00 per month

we need internet for our power systems to work and because of this we have a large data pool we can offer cheap internet at high speeds (usually 27 to 35mbps) proven to be adequate for Large Families and Heavy users.