Event Wifi

From £25.00 per event.

(one access point with modem and router)

  • Reliable, fast, & secure.
  •  No Data or bandwidth limitations.
  • we can use multiple access points to extend the range for any event.
  • load sharing, Dual & Quad sims each with its own modem means virtually no limitations. 
  • Set up and tested by ourselves and we are on call 24/7 during your event.
  • public and private networks available. 

We  combine modems / routers and access points. Each modem can take upto 64 users each, and each modem can handle upto 3 access points at any one time.

we use access points to extend the range of the Router, Each access point can handle another 64 users, However this will start to slow down connections, If  lots of users are gaming or video streaming.

4.2 mtr Event flood lights

£50 For one £75 for two per event.

  • 4.2 meters tall on stable tripod.
  • 2 x 1000w halogen bulbs & 2 x 500w halogen bulbs.
  • Adjustable throw, and can light up large areas with ease.


£20 PER DAY. 

10 X Radeos comes with an additional two as spare in case you happen to need them.

Supplied with charging docks and they come delivered fully charged.

range of upto 5km, (we would advise these only to be used in one event field / venue and not to be used across multiple event fields.)